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EqualityX is committed to championing and celebrating Muslim excellence.

Why EqualityX?

EqualityX was established to celebrate outstanding Muslim talent and champion the achievements of inclusive Muslim employers. Our Influential Muslims lists recognise professionals leading and shaping debates both within their chosen field and beyond.


The Top 50 Inclusive Muslim Employers are organisations that are taking a proactive approach to creating and nurturing Muslim inclusion in the workplace.

Why EqualityX?

Founder's Statement

''As a proud Muslim, I’ve never shied away from talking about my faith in the workplace because my faith is an integral part of my identity. Sadly, most Muslims do not feel comfortable talking about their faith at work because employers are not doing enough to create safe spaces for their Muslim staff. I founded EqualityX with the purpose of celebrating the positive contribution of Muslim professionals and championing companies leading the way in Muslim Inclusion. 


Our Influential Muslims are role models for the next generation and Inclusive Muslim Employers are employers of choice for Muslim talent. 


Together, we can create a positive narrative for the Muslim communities.''


Dr. Zaheer Ahmad MBE

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