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Top Muslim Employee Networks

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Employee networks also known as Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) or Staff Networks are one of the key pillars of internal Inclusion infrastructure; they play an essential part in creating a sense of community for their members and allies.

Muslim employee networks are at the forefront of efforts to create and nurture an inclusive environment for their members whilst educating allies about its respective faith. Our Top 10 list will recognise and celebrate Muslim networks creating meaningful impact and supporting organisational efforts to embed an authentic feeling of belonging.

Nominations open: 4th January 2024 

Nominations close: 29th April 2024

Announcement: Week commencing 17th June 2024 

The Top 10 Muslim employee networks will be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Tangible impact on organisational culture and society

  • To advocate for inclusive workplace for its members by demonstrating confidence and courage to have difficult conversations

  • Member-centric, always putting members at the heart of decision making

  • Significant focus on education, raising awareness, intersectionality, and allyship



  • The network must be at least 6 months old at the time of submitting the nomination

  • Have a clear mission and values

  • Have a formal structure i.e., Executive Sponsor, Leadership committee etc

  • Multi-faith networks are eligible, but evidence must be specific to the Islamic faith and increasing Muslim inclusion

  • Open to organisations of all sizes across all sectors and industries, based in any country

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