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Top Influential Muslims in Europe

Now in its third year, the Influential Muslim List is reserved for the most inspirational of the Muslim community. The list recognises and celebrates the achievements of Muslim professionals whose work has brought distinction to Muslim communities and enhanced the reputation of Muslims.

These outstanding people have a solid track record of making a positive difference in their chosen field and in society. They are influencing with impact to improve workplace culture.

This year we have split the list to focus on amplifying the outstanding contribution of remarkable Muslims in two regions:

Top 50 Influential Muslims in Europe, including the UK


Top 50 Influential Muslims in The Americas




In 2023, we received hundreds of nominations, and we expect 2024 to also be highly competitive. We recognise there are more deserving people than actual spaces on the list. The Influential Muslim lists are reserved for the very best, therefore, we strongly advise you submit as much evidence as possible, such as data, insights, and case studies, to support your nomination.


• The nominee must be based in one of the eligible countries (download below)

• Evidence must relate to the work carried out in that country in the last two years


It is the responsibility of the nominator to answer all the questions in full and as accurately as possible. If you do not provide all the required information your nomination will not be considered.

Please ensure you have reviewed all the eligibility criteria and FAQs for your relevant area before nominating, including the Image Upload Guidelines.



Nominations open: 11th March 2024

Nominations close: 26th July 2024

Announcements: Week commencing 16th September 2024

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